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The Top 10 The Walking Dead moments (SPOILERS. SPOILERS EVERYWHERE)

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We’ve been dying for this. The waiting is nearly over.

The Seasons 1-7 Box Set of The Walking Dead arrives on 30 January and we’re a little excited.

After 91 episodes, there have been some unbelievable moments, and we can't wait to see what's coming next. Luckily, Season 7 resumes next month, so we don't have much longer to wait...

Here are our top 10 moments from Season 1-7. And yes, there are LOADS of spoilers.

Number 10

Season 1: Escape from the CDC
Let’s take you back to Season 1…

Our group of survivors head to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), hoping to find some answers and a cure for the walker virus. Rick gets one answer…not that it’s particularly positive: all humans are infected and will reanimate when they die.

Dr Edwin Jenner – the only man left at the CDC – attempts to lock the group in the building before it explodes, suggesting that a quick death is better than grim survival and an inevitable demise. However, Rick and co manage to escape. Just…

Number 9

Season 2: A barn full of death
From Season 1 to Season 2, and our group are looking for Carol’s daughter, Sophia.

Well, they find her. But not how they would want to. After fleeing the CDC, the survivors end up on a farm run by Herschel – a man who believes that the walkers are not monsters, but just sick. I’m not sure I’ve ever been that sick…

Glenn discovers that the barn on the farm is filled with walkers and alerts the group. Shane – who’s not the most stable guy – decides to open the barn and kill all the walkers inside. The last walker drags herself out and unbelievably, heartbreakingly…it’s Sophia.

Right in the feels.

Number 8
Season 4: ‘Look at the flowers’
Trips to the garden centre won’t be the same again.

If someone now tells me to look at some flowers, I’ll be immediately suspicious. After Lizzie – one of the survivors from the second prison showdown (more on that later) – starts developing sympathy for the walkers, she is told off by Carol and Tyreese. Not that she listens.

No, Lizzie decides to kill her own sister Mika to demonstrate the apparent harmlessness of walkers. Recognising that she is a danger to herself and to others, Carol decides to kill Lizzie. Harrowing, emotional and brutal. This is not a scene to be forgotten.

Number 7
TWD 601 - Glenn First Look.png
Season 6: Glenn’s ‘death’
At the time, this seemed like the most shocking moment in TWD history. Unfortunately, worse was to come. Especially for poor old Glenn.

Thankfully, everyone’s favourite former-pizza delivery guy managed to escape, but his near-demise was a scene of incredible tension.

Nicholas (I never liked that guy) was the reason Glenn was in trouble. The Alexandrian, not content with killing off one of his own group earlier in Season 6 in a scene which still makes me feel uneasy going through revolving doors, decided to call it a day and blow his brains out…in a way which seemed to sentence Glenn to death.

Despite lying on the ground and surrounded by walkers, our man somehow manages to crawl to safety, while the walkers feasted on Nicholas’ sweet, sweet intestines.

At least Glenn lived to fight another day. Or two.

Number 6

Season 1: Rick’s hospital nightmare
Like the start of 28 Days Later…but scarier.

Before he’s even realised what the hell is going on, Rick is forced to walk through an infested hospital after a long coma. Abandoned by his friend Shane and thought dead by his family, Rick has to come to terms with this grim new world.

In order to escape the hospital, he is forced to negotiate his way through a pitch black stairwell, guided only by a tiny match. This scene still gives me the creeps and it was not easy to watch back. However, it was an excellent scene to help start the show.

Number 5

Season 2: Highway escape
Something to put your motorway traffic jams frustrations into perspective.

Next time you’re stuck in a huge tailback, just be grateful you’re not surrounded by thousands of hostile, hungry humans. Well, you will be, but they won’t be trying to eat you.

En route to Fort Benning after escaping the CDC, our group’s convoy hits trouble amidst a packed highway. As everyone takes shelter and tries to get the vehicles moving again, an ENORMOUS horde of walkers pass by.

What results is a massively tense edition of the waiting game. As thousands of walkers file past, it seems our group would emerge unscathed…until a couple of the things chase after Sophia. And the rest is history…

Number 4
Season 3 and 4: Prison group v The Governor I and Prison group v The Governor II
Ahhh, remember The Governor?

This was a villain we loved to hate and kind of hated to love. For all his evil, ruthlessness and homicidal tendencies, he was hugely charismatic and entertainingly psychopathic. After creating the fortified town of Woodbury, it looked like The Governor was a decent chap.


This guy is absolutely bonkers, and is ruthless in exploiting opportunities and exterminating threats. After he learns of the existence of the prison community led by Rick, he leads an invasion with the Woodburians (is that the right word?).

He is seen off first time by some outstanding guerrilla tactics, but the second time he comes with hostages, including Herschel, who he brutally murders. Again, The Governor is beaten, but not without making a huge mark on the series and the group.

Number 3
Season 5: Terminus showdown
Painted as a safe refuge for survivors, it is with great optimism that the group finally finds Terminus at the end of Season 4.

Of course, it turns out the Terminans (again, is that the right word?) are not saviours, but cannibals. Yeah, that old chestnut. After being locked inside a boxcar, it looks like Rick, Carl and the rest are set to be brutally killed, especially when they are led to be slaughtered for food.

However, they are saved by an ambush led by a returning Carol (who has been banished by Rick the season before). As the walls of the Terminus are stormed, the walkers file in and the group tries to escape. Sometimes, there’s something wonderful about seeing the bad guys suffer. And oh how they suffer.

Number 2

Season 6: Battle with wolves
An episode we simply didn’t see coming.

As Rick, Daryl, Sasha and co are leading a huge masse of walkers away from Alexandria, a massive invasion of ‘wolves’ hits the town. With the usual leaders out of action, it is left to Carol (who has now become a total badass) to lead a deadly counter-attack.

It is here that we truly learn that walkers are not the main threat to our group anymore. There are too many people who want what the Alexandrians have, and it is up to all members of the group to see them off.

Number 1
Season 6 and 7: Enter Negan
And you thought The Governor was bad?

Most of Season 6 sees the group tormented by ‘Negan’, an unseen leader of a group called ‘The Saviours’. Twice it seems that the Alexandrians have destroyed the Saviours threat, but they are proved to be totally wrong at the end of Season 6, and games of eenie-meenie-minie-mo will never be the same.

At the beginning of Season 7, we see why Negan is a man to be avoided at all costs. With his trusty baseball bat 'Lucille', Negan decides that Abraham is the man who has to go. A heartbreaking moment, but we could deal with one death, right? We loved Abraham, but at least now the brutality can end, right? 


Daryl picks this moment to take a pop at Negan and the group pay a heavy price. Daryl isn't the man to go though. No, instead it is Glenn who feels Lucille's brutal kiss in a real eye-opening scene. Literally.

Season 7 starts 13 February, so make sure you're all caught up!

All images: Gene Page/AMC


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Legend 5
Legend 5

Is it that time of the year again? Comes round quick. I'd add Herschel's capture and beheading to the list, he was one of my favourite characters.