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Legend 5
Legend 5

TV box sets both on Sky channel and studio

Right I know this has been discussed before no doubt, but I’m just lost on the subject. 

Going to use Criminal Minds as my example here.

Why is there 2 lots of box sets for this, it’s on both Sky Wittness and ABC studios? This in my opinion is stupid and confusing, surely it should all be under the 1 banner? I couldn’t careless if it was all Sky Wittness or ABC studios, I’d just wish they stick to the 1.

Far too many other shows are like this; Marvels Runnaways, Marvels Inhumans, Greys Anatomy.

All this does is pointlessly clog up my watchlist with shows being there effectively twice.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help