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Sky TV channels not showing on my television



I've signed up to Now TV for the first time, so I can watch the England v Australia one day cricket matches.

For some reason the Sky Sports channels are not showing on the guide. could BT, who I am signed up with, be blocking the Sky channels?

The only option I have is for my current BT Sports channels. Has anyone else encountered this issue, or managed to solve it.

i can access these channels via my computer, but I'd much rather watch this on my TV.

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Hi @Anonymous User

At the moment you can't use a nowtv sports pass via a BT Box when using the NowTV App (only on demand movies is currently available on the BT YouView platform).

This will change during sometime 2019 which is no good to you for watching the cricket this summer.

What you are seeing via the BT YouView EPG channel guide is the Sky Sports channels that you need to subscribe via BT and are not intended to work on a NowTV Sports pass.

Here's a list of supported nowtv devices.