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Sky Sports Mix - Catch up?


I've been looking around for a clear answer on this, I can see old posts that suggest there isn't any catch up on any sports channels but if I search for Sky Sports Mix Catch Up I am taken to a NOW TV page that lists old games from May and has catch up in the title.

Could someone confirm if there is any catchup available for Sky Sports Mix specifically please? We're looking for a way to watch the netball either live or on catch up if we aren't in at the time.


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@Anonymous User

Welcome to the community. Unfortunately there is definitely no catch-up available on the sports passes yet, you can only watch the sports channels live (there's also no access to red button or interactive content). So you'd need to be able to watch the channels as they stream live. 

However I can see what you mean about the search mentioning 'catch-up' - it looks like that's a generic phrase added into the html 'title' tag and so is appearing in your tab. The actual webpage content does only state live for the sports channels and then changes to include on-demand for eg the entertainment and movies channels. I'll mention this to the NOW TV Team as I can appreciate this may cause confusion to new customers unfamiliar with the service.