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Sharp Objects episodes disappeared

I was watching Sharp Objects on NowTV last night and early this morning 29 July 12:30am. I finished the second last episode (episode 7). As I was moving on to the final episode - Episode 8, it said this cannot be played. When I go back to the main menu, it now says that there is only one episode available of Season 1, which is Episode 2. 

How and why has this happened? Why is there only a random episode in the middle available? I only took out this subscription to watch this show! Can anyone help please?

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


Same question asked in this thread earlier on this morning, where i have posted a reply why Sharp Objects has disappeared from the NowTV service.


Sorry it's not the answer you are looking for 😡.




Anonymous User
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Thank you.


Totally shocking tbh. Doesn't give me much faith in this service with episodes disappearing when the dates clearly said they were around till October. ☹️