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HI.I've just paid £1 for the entertainment/cinema pass-so far so good! But one channel refuses to air-message says' "SKY VIEWING RESTRICTIONS"-I'm suspended on SKY t.v but had NOWt.v's SKY chanel yessterday. As I've paid should'nt I have all?

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@Anonymous User Hello 🙂

There are some shows NOWTV are not allowed to stream because they do that have the rights.

Hence that message.


You can keep track daily of unavailable shows here:

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@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum.


You should find you can watch Sky One this afternoon. If you were trying this morning then all the Sky One programmes were rights restricted for everyone. There are always a handful of shows each day that can't be watched due to licensing issues, and NOW TV publish the list on the forum here

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Surprised that Soccer AM was restricted again.  Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't.


EDIT: I see there's already a thread for Soccer AM:

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@DarylM I suspect it depends on the exact content of the show.

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