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Recently Added section in Films is no longer usable

There seems to be a problem with the Recently Added category in the Films section: it nolonger shows the films in any order so it's impossible to find the new film that day.

Is this just a temporary error or has someone decide to make NOW TV films much less user friendly.

Finding the new film each day was the "go to" when logging into NOW TV to see what I was going to watch that day, now there are no new films- not unless you keep careful track of what was on the menu last time I looked.

Please can we have the old way with it obvious what is the new film today?

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Scholar 3

I also noticed the Recently Added category in the Films section hasn't updated recently..annoying as i look at this section regularly and is the same on all my connected devices 

Anonymous User
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Got to agree hate the way new titles have been added recently. It seems like you want to hid the fact that the films are not worth watching and the only reason your adding them mis because you have too.  I understand you want to show the blockbusters etc at the top to say hey look and what we've released, so why not compromise and have say the 6 top slots for the films etc you want to promote show off etc, and a section underneath that show the films released in order including the 6 at the top.  If it's too hard for you to implement you could hire me (or a six year old) and I can do it for you.