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Not happy with Now TV service



i would like to say, that I heard really good comments about now tv service so I decided to get it but since I’ve got it, everything is just disappearing, all my series that I like they gone or almost gone. 

Modern family season 10 does not have all the episodes.

the good doctor season 2 is gone when I was watching.

the games of thrones is going in a couple of days 


So my question is, why is everything is just going ? Why is it not possible to keep them. 

Im so unhappy with it, what is actually the point of getting now tv if nothing is available to watch or if I need to rush to watch it because I’m a few days is going to go ??? 

The point of now tv is for people to spend time relaxing and watching something that enjoy. I can’t even do that with now tv. I’ve Ben rushing to watch everything before is gone. 


I would like like to have a good explanation please.


Carina Gomes

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Legend 5
Legend 5

Its not down to Now TV on how long boxsets are kept. Sky have contract deals in place which means they are allowed to keep the series for a certain period of time. It will return at some point, but not sure when. 


From what I have noticed the boxsets and catch up is similar as Sky TV (unless someone can confirm otherwise). 


So even if you got Sky TV packages it would be exactly the same situation. 


If your wanting it kept the best and obvious solution would be to buy the series on Amazon etc. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help