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No Sky Sports News Access on Entertainment Pass

For the last week I have been unable to access Sky Sports News via the app on the Entertainment Pass. Instead it takes me to the Buy a Pass screen for Sky Sports.

I have deleted and re-installed the app and even reset the Now TV box back to factory settings but no joy.

This coincided with me signing up to the trial period for the Sky Sports Mobile Pass.


Is there a glitch with the Sky Sports News app as, if I can't watch it vis the app on the box then there is no point me subscribing to the Entertainmenjt Pass

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Scholar 2

This was happening to me a few weeks ago. But I cannot check at the moment as I am currently on a months sport pass.


If you are using a now tv stick or box i beleive there is a sky sports news app you can use until a more permanent fix is found 🙂