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Last Week Tonight S3-E16

Why does Sky TV Guide show Last Week Tonight S3E16 starts at 22:45 on Sky Atlantic yet NowTV is showing 'VEEP' for the same slot?

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DarylM Legend 5
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Re: Last Week Tonight S3-E16

@JNHAFFEY  Because there was a segment about the referendum which may have fallen foul of campaigning/compliance rules.

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Re: Last Week Tonight S3-E16

Thanks, sadly that is what I figured happened.


So for anyone that wants to see the Brexit Segment, here it is:


(I have had to remove the link sorry @JNHAFFEY)


The other half of the show was about Orlando and Gun Control...might have to wait to see that as it seems Sky TV (like the BBC) is controlled by politics. 😞

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Re: Last Week Tonight S3-E16

Last week tonight wasn't shown because of rules to STOP Sky being controlled by politics.


If it weren't for the imparitality rules there would be nothing to stop Sky News just telling us to leave Europe.


Unfortuantly the same impartiality rules also means Sky Atlantic can't show John Oliver telling us to remain.

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NOW TV Team (Retired)

Re: Last Week Tonight S3-E16

Hi All,


The most recent episode that was supposed to air last night has been pushed back to air on the 23rd June.


We don't have an official reason as to why, but as mentioned on this thread it is more than likely to do with the referendum.




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