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I have just bought weekly pass to watch cricket match on my LG smart tv. Have logged in but cantplay

Have logged into my now tv account on my LG smart tv
I can see sports channels on screen
When i click them they wont play
Help please
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Hi @Anonymous User 


Any error message or does it ask you to buy a sports pass ?


I don't own an LG Smart TV so i won't be much help apart from maybe trying out some basic stuff.


When you go to My Account > Passes & Vouchers whilst logged in on here does it show you have a one week sports pass ?


If so, maybe try signing out of the NowTV App, then switch the power off at the mains socket to both your Router and LG TV.


Give it say a minute, then reboot your Router first (give it say 5 minutes to settle down) then power back your LG TV and resign back in the NowTV App using the same account details you used to check your active one week sports pass on here.


Other than that see if removing the NowTV App and carrying out a fresh install of the NowTV App from the LG TV Apps Store makes any difference.


Should you be still getting no joy, then contact live chat.


Open the link page below and select the most appropriate help topic and once you reach step 3 move down towards the bottom of your screen page where hopefully there will be a Get in Touch message option (click on the drop down arrow below it and hopefully a live chat button will appear).

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


I know you said a one week sports pass which in theory should work with all 11 number Sky Sports channels on your LG Smart TV.


However just for clarification or if somebody else in the future stumbles across this thread a month mobile sports pass will only work on a smartphone and have access to 5 channels which are Premier League, Action, Arena, Racing & News.