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How to watch The Walking Dead on NOW TV

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It’s back. It’s big. It’s brilliant.


Season 1-6 is back on NOW TV Box Set, and you can gorge (on the show, not human flesh) to your heart’s content before the launch of Season 7 next month.

Whether you’ve never seen the show before or just want to relive (no pun intended) the drama, here is your chance.

Once you’ve binged to your heart’s content or are up to speed with all the action, there isn’t long to go until Season 7 hits our screens. The new episodes start on Monday 17 October at 9pm, and it’s set to be the biggest season premiere ever after last season’s massive cliff-hanger left our heroes in a particularly sticky situation. Anyone else still feeling anxious about it?

You can see who survives and who doesn’t at 9pm every Monday after that until the mid-season break in December. Be sure you join us on Twitter during  each episode  as well, as we’ll be live tweeting as the action unfolds. After the events of last season, we’re going to need to be there for each other during these difficult times. But don’t worry if you miss any of the action live; each episode will be available on Catch Up for 30 days after it airs. So breathe easy.

We’re dead excited.


Here’s your Monday night schedule for the next few weeks:

Right now:
Watch Season 1-6 on Box Set until 11 November
Watch Season 7 Live and on Catch Up from 24 October. Episode 1 leaves 16 November

Mondays from 24 October:
Watch the new Season 7 episode live on FOX – and join us as we live tweet each episode

Get your teeth into Talking Dead, where the cast, crew and special guests talk about each week’s episode

After that:
We’ll be posting recap blogs to keep you up to speed with anything you might have missed. You can also fill yourselves up with as much of The Walking Dead as you can on Catch Up. We know we will.

Let’s go!

All images @ Gene Page/AMC

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