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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3: This blog is full of SPOILERS

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Three episodes down, only four to go… here’s what we learnt from season 7 episode 3…


A Special Relationship



















It was the moment every Game of Thrones fans had been waiting for, finally Jon Snow and Daenerys would meet and share the screen together. Since learning last season – from one of Bran’s visions -  that Jon Snow is in fact a Targaryen, we’ve been yearning for this moment even more. 


We didn’t have to wait long as the episodes starts with Jon and Davos Seaworth getting into Dragonstone and immediately Daenerys asked Jon to bend the knee; so no ‘hello, how are you’? The two stubborn leaders let their counsel do the introducing, and Missandei proved much better than Davos.

After what felt like a 5 min intro from Missandei showering Daenerys with praise, Davos could only reply with ‘Jon Snow, king of the north’ It was a great scene and probably killed any hopes of him ever being a hype man.


With both feeling they are the rightful owner of the throne, and wanting to defend their people, they weren’t giving an inch; until Tyrion spoke to both parties. He eventually got Daenerys to allow Jon to have the dragonglass he wanted so he could make weapons to defeat the white walkers.

This gesture may seem like nothing, as they don’t believe the white walkers exist. They’re in for a chilling surprise.


It will be interesting to see how their relationship develops, will they be allies or enemies



What a way to go


















We sadly had to say goodbye to one of our favourite characters, Olenna Tyrell. As the Unsullied took Casterly Rock, they found it to be short of a Lannister… or 3,000. The rest of the army were too busy taking Highgarden, led by Jaime Lannister. As they sacrificed Casterly Rock, Jaimie and Cersei had other things on their minds and one thing in particular, Olenna.


Jaimie finds her alone in the tower, and declares her home has been taken and so would she. Before executing Olenna, Jaime and the Tyrell matriarch discuss Joffrey and Cersei. Lady Olenna has some great lines here, as she always does. She declares Cersei to be a monster and claiming “She’ll be the end of you.”


The topic then moved to Joffrey as she noticed Jaimie wearing his sword. After being told Joffrey’s name for the sword was ‘Widow’s Wail’, she retorted “He really was a c*nt, wasn’t he”. Cue laughter and the clapping of hands. Even in the face of death, she was as cutting as ever.


Jaime showed his humane side and gave Olenna a quick and painful death in the way of poison in a wine glass. Only Olenna could die and not be the victim. As she sunk back the wine, she said "I'd hate to die like your son," admitting she was the one who poisoned Joffrey, and then her final words were “Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me.” WOW!! Only you Olenna Tyrell, only you. You will forever be in our hearts.



Stark Reunion


You could probably hear the whoops from across the country when Bran Stark made his way back home to Winterfell to finally be reunited with his big sister Sansa Stark.


Sansa wept as she hugged her brother, Bran on the other hand showed a distinct lack of emotion, probably down to the long journey… of being dragged by poor Meera, or maybe we’re being too hard on him.


As the siblings were finally alone, Bran announced to his sister that he is the three eyed raven, and could see everything. A notion that was very alien to Sansa. She didn’t really get what her little brother was trying to say until he told her she looked beautiful on her wedding day.


Poor Sansa. She’s had Jon tell her he died and then got resurrected, Bran has told her he’s the three eyed raven, when Arya tells her she’s no one, we think she’ll go crazy.


Now we are just hoping Jon has a safe return back and Arya can finally get home so all four are together again  


The kiss of death

GOT Jaime Cersei-min.jpg


























Cersei finally had her revenge! There are no signs of her softening up as Euron Greyjoy – who we love by the way - presented her with Ellaria Sand, the person who killed her only daughter.


She takes her and Tyene into a cell in King's Landing, where they're both chained to opposite walls and gagged. Cersei torments Ellaria with memories of Oberyn’s death, and poisons Tyene with a kiss on the lips. It's the same manner and poison (The Long Farewell) Ellaria used to kill Myrcella.


Cersei’s dose was far worse, as she is making Ellaria watch as her only living daughter slowly dies a painful death.


Cersei then goes to her bedroom to bed Jaimie. It seems poisoning little girls really turns her on.


Jorah is cured




















‘Dr’ Sam Tarly proved he’s quite the dab hand at removing a fatal disease. As Archmaester Ebrose inspects Jorah's cured body and confirms his greyscale is no longer active; he is free to go.


Ebrose is happy for Jorah to leave but not so happy with Sam and wishes to see him in his chambers later that day. As they say their goodbyes, Jorah gives us a massive clue of where he’s heading as he tells Sam that he will go and find Daenerys.


When Sam meets Archmaester Ebrose, he is reprimanded for going against his wishes and performing the procedure. After a showering down, he tells Sam he should be proud of saving Jorah’s life. He then orders him to make copies of the old rotting manuscripts in his office. His only reward is not being expelled from the Citadel. It’s a step up from cleaning s*it off the toilets we guess.

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Andy Legend 5
Legend 5

Best episode of the season so far for me, great verbal sparring between Jon and Dany with Tyrion adding his pearls of wisdom, and bitter lessons to be learnt for Dany as she realises going up against Cersei isn't going to be a walk in the park, you take on the master in treacherous tactics at your peril!! 


Plus us wouldn't everyone like to get their hands on the ultimate gossip machine Bran now he's resurfaced in society ... Cup of tea Bran? now tell me EVERYTHING Cersei's been up to!!!

Andy Legend 5
Legend 5