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Five things we learnt from Season 7, Episode 2 of The Walking Dead. WARNING: SPOILERS INSIDE

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This week’s episode wasn’t quite as (literally) crushing or (literally) eye-opening as last week’s opener, but it was nice watching an hour of TV which didn’t involve seeing any popped-out eyeballs.

While we didn’t catch up with any wire-wrapped baseball bats, we did get to meet King Ezekiel and his pet Tiger Shiva. The events of this episode – although not as brutal as last week – could be critical way down the line. Here are the five things we learnt from Episode 2…


Not enough characters on this show have a pet tiger.

It appears that the winning combination for controlling any post-apocalyptic settlement is a mix of amateur dramatics and animal magnetism. After losing two huge fan favourites last week, we have a new hero. Ezekiel is larger-than-life, seems genuinely kind and has a brilliant turn of phrase. Even Carol seemed to be warming towards him in the end.

Last week provided one of the most violent episodes in TV history, so episode 2 was a welcome relief. In fact, this was probably the funniest episode of The Walking Dead ever. Granted, that’s like calling someone the soberest drunk or the bravest coward, but it was still a nice change of pace. With his leadership skills and ability to read people, Ezekiel could be the perfect foil for the evil and terror that is Negan and his group of Saviours.

New season. Same awesome Carol.

I missed Carol. She might even be my favourite character on the show.

Thanks to Negan’s unnecessarily violent baseball lesson, we didn’t catch up with her last week, but she was back to her best here. Whilst being saved by a group of Kingdommers (is that the right word?), we see her hallucinating as she sees a herd of walkers for the people they once were. Don’t tell me she’s going to take Morgan’s pacifism a step further and try and save walkers? Carol, don’t go full Herschel. Never go full Herschel.

Luckily, I think Carol got her act together soon enough. Reverting to her ‘happy housewife’ routine, she smirks her way through her meeting with the King. When she said ‘she didn’t know she was meeting royalty’ to Ezekiel, I could almost hear the sound of clicked fingers and ‘mmm hmmm’s. Keep bringing the sass, Carol.

That said, I’m not sure why Carol is so keen to abandon the Kingdom. After fleeing Alexandria, she seems determined to live on her own, but that seems as good a survival plan as eating walkers. Talking of which…

Could pigs cause The Saviours’ downfall?

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, then that sentence looks weird.

If you have, you’ll know that Ezekiel and co have been subjugated by Negan and his gang and have to offer weekly tributes just to keep their skulls intact and their eyes in sockets. When collecting pigs for their weekly produce, the Kingdommers are revealed to be feeding them walkers to fatten them up. This is sneaky and I love everything about it. What better way to defeat an enemy than by giving them food which turns them into violent, cannibalistic monsters? It’s the perfect crime!

Of course, this may well be a genuine attempt to keep the Saviours onside by ensuring the pigs are as fat as possible upon collection. After all, who is to say that the pork won’t be completely fine once it has been properly cooked? Either way, I think I’ll ask a few more questions next time I go to the butchers just to be sure.

The Kingdom is probably the best settlement of them all

Which probably means Rick and the gang will show up at some point and get it destroyed.

I mean, let’s look at it logically:

Hilltop: No guns, not many people, ruled by that fool Gregory
Alexandria: In Negan’s bad books, too soft, no medicine
Saviours: Run by evil people

The Kingdom has it’s faults, one being that Ezekiel does seem totally mad, but it is thriving in its own way. Just because they’re under Negan’s control does not mean they are not doing well. How many post-apocalyptic settlements do you know that have a choir, movie nights and a tiger? I’ll wait.

And unlike at Alexandria, the settlers seem to be trained in combat and are able to look after themselves. Sure, they have to give half of their stuff away, but they seem to know what they’re doing. I suspect that Ezekiel will kill Negan with a prop when treating the Saviours to a pantomime at Christmas. That’s one death scene I’d watch again.

A Lucille v Shiva showdown?

This is also a scene I’d watch again.

Shiva already seems totally awesome and could probably take out a few Saviours on her own, but she may yet have an even more important role to play. The relationship between The Kingdom and The Saviours is already strained, and conflict seems inevitable. If Rick and co join up with Ezekiel’s gang of merry men, we could have a huge showdown on our hands.

Which begs the question: what is the better weapon? A baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire or a huge tiger? I know which one I’d prefer. In fact, it would be kind of poetic to see Negan repeat his ‘Eeny Meeny Miny Mo’ antics again, if only to see him get mauled to death after saying “catch a tiger by the…NOT THAT TIGER!”

All images: Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead returns at 9pm next Monday, live on NOW TV. You can also watch the first two episodes right here.

Until then, be full, festive, faithful and free!

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I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy this episode but as it went on it sucked me in more and more, as you say a great 'strategic' ep opening up all sorts of intriguing possibilities for the rest of the season!


I've heard of Mad Cow Disease but Zombie Pig Syndrome (ZPS) is a great idea, and one which Rick wouldn't have come up in a million years, so simple yet (possibly) genius! I'll never look at a sausage the same way again!


And Ezekiel's camp looks like a blast, all Butlins and Glee club, faced with a worldwide zombie apocalypse I'd happily live out my final days there!

Andy Legend 5
Legend 5

@Lindz what did you think of the ep?


I really enjoyed it, a breather from last week and Carol is just awesome. She does the innocent homemaker, no use to anyone act sooo well. True survivor is our Carol!

The zombie filled pigs was just brilliant....a more extreme version of spitting in the bosses tea (not that I would do that but you know what I mean).

King him. Zoo keeper to king, what's not to love!

Andy Legend 5
Legend 5

@Lindzi Yeah Carol, the whole 'look at me all meek and mild in my little wheelchair, I couldn't hurt a fly!" act - not likely! 


Makes you wonder what other animals Ez has hidden away, one tiger might not cut it against Negan's lot, but half a dozen lions, tigers, elephants, grizzly bears and a big gorilla could do the job! 😄





You know if anything happens to the tiger I will devastated, I couldn't cope with that. 


Carol survived her vile husband being all meek and small so I suppose it's stood her in good stead for the zombie apocalypse.... mmm bit too deep?? :smiley


Looking forward to getting an update on daryl next week and hoping to find out how Dwight got half his face burnt up. Wonder if negan did it? 


So many questions!! 







Andy Legend 5
Legend 5



And of course it's always a bonus when we get a Carl-free episode! Enjoy it while we can! 😄