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Five things we learned from Season 7, Episode 5 of The Walking Dead. WARNING: SPOILERS INSIDE

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Hello, Hilltop!

Season 7 of The Walking Dead continues to take us on a magical mystery tour of decimated, depressed and oppressed post-apocalyptic communities, and this week we got to check in to Hilltop. Although we didn’t get to see Negan this week, we were treated to his right-hand man, Simon. And the tension continued to go up a notch. We’re gonna need more notches.

Here are five major talking points from Episode 5

Carl and Enid found love in a hopeless place


Just because the world has been overrun by the undead and there’s a psychopathic serial killer controlling what’s left, it doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a little teenage romance.

Enid decided to run away from Alexandria (again), to find Hilltop and was (unsurprisingly) followed by Carl. It’s nice that Carl has the same attitude to dating as I do; say as little as possible, be kinda depressing to be around, but keep following the girl until she talks back.

This time, Carl had two varying modes of transportation to call upon: a car that he decided to take and a pair of roller skates that he and Enid found. To be fair, it’s better than the back of a bus. That said, the scene of Carl and Enid skating through a barren wasteland looked like the worst emo rock video ever…

The Saviours are still in charge

And never forget it!

In case you were in any doubt as to just how much power The Saviours have, we saw it this week. Of course, bringing half a dozen trucks and about 50 guys to a community as subservient as Hilltop was probably a bit of overkill, but it was an impressive show of strength.

In Negan’s absence, right-hand-man Simon was sent to do the dirty work. The ‘dirty work’ in this case was to intimidate the crap out of Gregory. And take some scotch and art. I’m pretty sure all the communities under The Saviours’ control have entertained thoughts of rebellion, but these little flying visits usually put an end to such notions.

Besides, there are JUST SO MANY OF THEM! Not only are they well-equipped, they seem to get bored easily. Just to demonstrate their power, they decided to breach Hilltop’s gates, let a load of walkers in and then watch the show. As hordes of the undead filed towards some classical music in a scene that looked like the worst opera ever, Hilltop needed some heroes.

As it happened, Maggie, Sasha and Jesus saved the day (night), although The Saviours were planning to intervene just in time. Not sure why, but it’s probably like when the school bully only punched you in the arm once and then demanded you lunch money to show your gratitude. I’m over it now of course.

Gregory is still a douchebag

Just as there will always be love, there will always be incompetent but cowardly middle managers.

Anyone who works in an office will know there are those guys who just love to push people around, but are ultimately miserable in themselves and always beholden to someone higher up. In this case, it’s Gregory. To see him order the removal of Sasha and Maggie and then cower his way through the scene with Simon was refreshing.

As if that wasn’t enough, Greg then tried to throw Maggie and Sasha under the bus (or tractor, as we’ll discuss later) in order to curry favour with the Big Bad Wolves, but was foiled by Jesus. Luckily, our long-haired friend has moved on from turning water into wine. He’s now expanded his skillset to turn women into alcohol. That’s not a sentence I ever expected to write.

A revolution is coming at Hilltop, and Gregory is unlikely to survive it. Shame.

Maggie is awesome

First of all, Maggie is alive and well! And the baby is still OK! Thank heavens!

Last scene in Episode 1 heading to Hilltop, it’s been too long since we saw the unluckiest person in the world. Maggie has lost her home, her father, her sister and her husband, but she remains as resilient as ever. There were two moments that demonstrated this more than anything.

First, as Hilltop was overrun with zombies, she decided to climb into a massive tractor and CRUSH EVERYTHING. Whether it was walkers or old-cars-playing-creepy-classical-music-way-too-loud, she was taking it all out. As a result, the threat was averted and Maggie got to save the day.

Pregnant women are usually told to take it easy and get plenty of rest. Maggie isn’t one to follow doctor’s orders – and maybe killing walkers is just how she likes to unwind. Each to their own.

Second, Maggie stood up to Gregory right at the end of the episode with one of the most rousing speeches in the show’s history. Frustrated by Gregory’s creepiness and inability to remember her name, she slapped him down (literally and verbally) good and proper:

“I’m not Marsha, not dear, not honey. Maggie. Maggie Rhee."

A moment which had us applauding in the aisles and humming “mmmm hmmmm!” in the sassiest way possible.

There is still hope…

Make no mistake, things are pretty grim for our gang right now. Walkers are everywhere. The Saviours are everywhere. Carl’s hair is everywhere. But there is a lot to look forward to.

The end of the episode saw Jesus (and Carl) sneak into a Saviours’ truck to follow them back to their compound. I don’t imagine tea and biscuits (or dog food sandwiches) are on the agenda for them.

Sasha remains as determined as ever and she won’t go down without a fight, while Maggie looks set to lead Hilltop and she may begin to take the fight to Negan and co. The Saviours’ biggest strength is their numbers – but if Hilltop, Alexandria and The Kingdom can unite, anything is possible.

Bring on next week!

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All images via Gene Page/AMC

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Legend 5
Legend 5

Arrgghhh Carl will still not STAY IN THE HOUSE!!! Nice that he's got a little friend to spend time with but is everyone ignoring the fact that he's just trashed a completely good car for no good reason at all! Still, now he's on a roadtrip with Jesus let's hope some harm comes to him.


Great opening scene with the nighttime chaos to the strains of Sibelius ... very Clockwork Orange!