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Expiring Episodes

Why in a series do different episodes expire randomly as opposed to the whole show? Some of Sopranos ends in June some in 20 days.

Most of The Wire is on for a month, but 2 epiosdes end in 18 days. Is this correct?


I'd expect the whole series to end, or at least in season blocks. Not random episodes ending differently.

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


I just checked The Sopranos on both my NowTV box and App on my Android phone and like you said the dates are all over the place.


According to this extremely useful link which i use sometimes for cross reference to double check or compare dates.


The Sopranos boxset leaves on the 25th of June, where The Wire boxset leaves on the 1st of April.



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Amazing, thank you! Now TV need to sort this out though! It should be displayed accuratley on the app!