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Episode not playing as it should

Following the programme Stargate SG1 being taken off Netflix I have began rewatching it on Nowtv as I didn't get to finish it all. So far no issues until I got to the episode I am on now. Which is season 6 episode 15 playback for it seems to be off. Every other episode has been fine where I can see all aspects of the scenes and it fills my flat screen TV as it should. But not this one this episode the playback seems cut off slightly. I am seeing mostly half of the characters in scenes then sometimes its focusing on a none important part of the scene when a character is talking and not showing their face. I know it was not meant to filmed this way as it doesn't even fill my tv screen as it should any more. It's rather annoying and difficult to watch I don't know what's going on or even if I am explaining it correctly. I wish I could upload a video of the episode to show you what I mean but I'm not being presented with an option to. Has anyone else encountered this with other shows?. Its almost as if the episode they got hold of is one that wasn't shown on air. Almost like one you would find on a pirated site or app. Rather than showing the full extent of a scene like it normally does. For some reason the none important parts that it is focusing sometimes seems to be like an pretty big close up on the stargate in the opening theme. A rather too close zoomed in view of leaves on trees in the background when a character in the scene is talking. Then if I am lucky enough to see the faces of any characters it seems to be as I said a slightly cut off version. So only showing part of them. If it's a scene where you focus on one individual talking I'm getting half their body and face for some reason. So very confused. I was hoping it would pass once the episode played longer but nope for now it seems the entire episode is like this. Which is pain in the behind I love this show and I don't wanna have to skip an episode because playback is in this condition as I cant watch it like that. I'd rather watch all the episodes before it gets removed from Nowtv too. I'd actually like to finish all of the seasons this time round. How do I get this fixed please. I have skipped to the next episode for now as the episode with the problem was frying my brain. Hopefully it can get fixed soon so I dont have go too far head. 

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