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Embrace the great indoors. The best of your Entertainment Pass on NOW TV this August…

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Yes, we know August is a month for beers, barbecues and (sun)bathing, but you could also bask in the glow of all this TV awesomeness as well…

Game of Thrones
Season 7 streaming this month. Season finale on 28 August
Helen Sloan - HBO (Photo 3).jpg
The show that needs no introduction. The TV phenomenon’s seventh season comes to a close this month and although it’d be foolish to predict this show, we can guarantee a thrilling finale.

Will Jon Snow overcome the White Walkers? Will The Wall stand firm? Will Cersei or Daenerys come out on top? We may get the answer to all these questions, we may not.

Either way, expect death, dread and dragons.

Season 1 Box Set streaming from 14 August
WestworldClean (1)-min.jpg
The show that will make you a little ashamed to be human. In this futuristic theme park for the emotionally challenged and (possibly) sexually depraved, the paying customers run amok on the park’s robots, known as ‘hosts’.

However, not everything is at it seems behind the scenes. The mysterious Doctor Ford (Anthony Hopkins) pulls the strings, but can he keep control as the robots struggle to achieve consciousness…and humanity itself? With Thandie Newton and Ed Harris also starring, this could well be your new favourite show.

True Detective
Season 1 Box Set streaming from 4 August
J3116_TD1_14x48_05_UK_01F_NO_TYPE-1-min (1).jpg
Even the good guys can be bad sometimes.

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson star in this dark, gritty thriller about two detectives who battle the most gruesome cases as well as their inner demons. If you like your heroes to be a little devilish, this is the show for you.

Modern Family
Season 1-8 Box Set streaming from 1 August
The hit comedy show is here in its entirety from the beginning of this month. The Pritchett and Dunphy families are not exactly typical, but it all makes for a hilarious show. If you’re the kind of person who loves quoting comedy shows, you’re in for a treat.

Starring Sofia Vergara and Ed O’Neill, see for yourself why this brilliant comedy has won dozens of awards, including 17 Emmys…

The Wire
Season 1-5 Box Set streaming from 25 August
592020_TheWire_Horz2_rev-min (2).jpg
The utterly, utterly brilliant The Wire is back and we promise you won’t be able to finish watching this until…well, you finish.

Starring Dominic West and Idris Elba, The Wire is set in the heart of Baltimore, covering the drug dealing organisation run by the Barksdale family and the guys at the Baltimore Police Department who are trying to stop them.

The Wire has been praised for its exploration of society, politics and urban life. It’s gritty, it’s dangerous and it will have you hooked.

I’m Dying Up Here
Streaming from 9 August
Created by David Flebotte, this comedy-drama series shows the often unseen side of comedy.

Executive produced by the legendary Jim Carrey, I’m Dying Up Here follows a series of up and coming stand-up comics trying to make a name for themselves in the infamous L.A. stand-up comedy scene in the 1970s.

This is a show that proves that making an audience laugh is not as easy as these guys make it look. From inspired routines to damaged personalities, this covers it all…

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Legend 5
Legend 5

Summers always a little flat but I'm glad Zoo is back and hopefully The Strain and Last Ship aren't far behind!