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Coming up in June on your entertainment pass

by Ranj-S ‎26-05-2017 10:51 - edited ‎26-05-2017 14:43 (3,353 Views)

Shun the sunshine and chill in front of the TV instead. Here’s what’s coming to your living room in June.




Starts 15 June


If you’re looking for glamour, intrigue and star power then we have the show for you. Julia Stiles leads the cast in this enthralling, picturesque mini-series.


Georgina Clios – played by Stiles – gets some devastating news when her husband dies in a yacht explosion. The aftermath of the incident brings up some shocking discoveries for Georgina as she learns her husband led a double life, a life so far removed to what she believed, a life full of violence, lies and corruption.


Viewers will see some friendly faces as British actors Iwan ‘Ramsay Bolton’ Rheon and Adrian ‘Hustle’ Lester also star.





The Late Late Show with James Corden

Starts 7 June


James Corden is coming home folks! The hit US talk show that has catapulted Corden’s career to global fame comes to London for 3 episodes and you can catch every monologue, interview and song on Sky 1.


Corden will record The Late Late Show in Westminster's Central Hall and has promised to give his show's musical and comedy segments a British twist.






The guests are yet to be named but we’re sure whoever they are it’s going to be a full of laughs and fingers crossed some carpool karaoke.



A league of their own: US road trip 2

Starts 5 June


It seems we can’t get enough of James Corden, whether it’s in the UK and Britain. This time he’s got back up as he invites the other ALOTO boys on another trip across the Atlantic. Which is sure to be even bigger and funnier.


The road trip series was brilliant and it’s sure to be the same for round 2. Expect Jack Whitehall to make a fool out himself, Freddie Flintoff to tell Jack he’s making a fool out of himself and Jamie Redknapp being uber competitive.


Last series’ activities were brilliant and we get served up some doozies again as they try their hand at being lifeguards and cheerleaders.






Ex on the beach 7

Starts 20 June


Seven seasons in and the tablet of terror is still causing chaos among unexpected men and woman. Who have their holiday of drinking, snogging and tanning interrupted by one of their ex’s who is more than likely holding a past grudge and seen you getting off with someone. Oh the drama!!


This season may be the biggest yet, as the boys and girls leave nothing to the imagination. Get ready for rows, radgies and romping.


One of those radgies will be Chloe Ferry of Geordie Shore fame. She’s always good for some TV gold.


Returning Box Sets  


The Night Of

Box Set 21 June


The critically acclaimed and Golden Globe nominated The Night Of returns this month and if you missed it first time around then you can’t miss out again.


The story follows Nasir Khan, played by the brilliant Riz Ahmed, as he gets entangled in a night of drink, sex and drugs with a girl he’s just met. Sounds great right? Well the fun stops as he awakes with no recollection of the last few hours - due to the drugs and alcohol - and finds the girl murdered, and he’s become the leading suspect.


The following episodes leave you guessing and on the edge of your seat as you try and decide whether Nas is innocent or guilty.


The night of will be your new night in!


Curb Your Enthusiasm

S1-8 Box Set 15 June


Larry David the star and creator of Curb your enthusiasm really is unique. He says the things that we’re all too scared to say but wish we would. The show follows the life and times of Larry working in Hollywood but what makes the show so funny and must see is the predicaments he gets himself in with his friends and complete strangers.






Just when you think life is going well for Larry, there’s always something or someone around the corner to ruin it, he divides the room like Marmite but the realism of the events that unfold each episode are so true to real life that you will relate to a lot of the events that unfold. A must see for any comedy fan.


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by sarahtk
on ‎29-05-2017 21:16
Is the full season 6 of scandal coming back?
by caseyb1993 Elite 2
on ‎06-06-2017 22:37

Gotta love James Corden! <3