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The Trip to Spain - 6 April

The Trip_SpainEP3_0323.jpg


The boys are reunited for a third adventure, after their journeys around the UK (2010) and Italy (2014) they now embark on a trip around sunny Spain.



Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon will provide the same pithy conversations that we love, whilst taking in the culture and cuisine of the location they are in. With it being 7 years since their first trip together this series will be centred around middle age, getting older, and family life.


Expect food, laughs, beautiful scenery and a hell of a lot of impressions. The Trip to Spain shows us once again that Coogan and Brydon are masters of their craft, with genuine chemistry and that they possibly have the best job in the world.  



Guerrilla – 13 April

Guerrilla Marketing Freida Babou.jpg


Guerrilla is set in 1970s London where a pair of activists set out to free a political prisoner and wage a resistance movement.


At a time when racial tensions are at an all-time high, Freida Pinto and Babou Ceesay’s characters – a mixed race married couple - look to fight against the system and bring down the police whom they feel are treating them and their like unfairly.


Idris Elba serve as an executive producer and play the role of Kent, a second generation British man who seeks to achieve equality for black people in the country via peaceful and rational means rather than violence.


This gritty drama is tense, explosive, and emotive. The show is under the stewardship of Academy award winner John Ridley (12 years a slave) who writes and directs, giving it further fire power.


Add a stellar cast of Daniel Mays, Rory Kinnear and Zawe Ashton and you have one the best shows of 2017 as mentioned by Digital Spy.


Prison Break Season 5 – Starts 10 AprilPB-ep1-_0008_hires2.jpg


Prison Break is back and the fifth instalment is a continuation of the hit TV show which graced our sets for 4 seasons.


The last season left us with an emotional ending as our lead hero Michael Schofield was left dead and buried. The new season picks up with the characters several years after this heart-breaking death.


It seems Michael’s story isn’t finished yet – hence the title - could he still be with us? Dominic Purcell reprises his role as Michael’s brother, Lincoln Burrows, and sets off to find out if baby bro is still alive.


Expect more thrills, spills and kills in what looks to be the shows grandest escape ever. 


Veep Season 6FL_04_Veep_S06.jpg


Now for some comedy relief, our favourite politician is back for a 6th season. Season 5 left us with Selina Meyer losing the vote in senate and thus relinquishing her of any presidential responsibilities.



The new season will look at how Meyers copes in her first-post presidential year. We can be sure to expect the same from the award winning show in regards to sharp one-liners, intelligent writing (Armando Iannucci) and a political scandal along the way.

What will be interesting to see is which direction the show will turn, seeing as politics in the real world is like a TV show in itself at the moment.


Selina Meyers may not be commander in chief anymore but she’s still the first lady of TV comedy.


Silicon Valley Season 4FL_06_SiliconValley_S04.jpg


The Emmy nominated tech romp returns for a fourth season and without giving too much away, the season starts with Pied Piper under new management. The whole gang are back for more laughs and cringe worthy social awkwardness.



For as much as they know about code, the boys know even less about the corporate world. Richard Hendricks and his uber coders, Bertram Gilfoyle and Dinesh Chugtai – who definitely need their own spin off by the way – could change the tech world, but have so far come up short as they try and crack the weird and wonderful world of Silicon Valley. Could Season 4 be the time they finally get their house in order.


All the other brilliant characters are back as Erlich Bachman and Big Head look to get something together and Gavin Belson is still the Hooli kingpin is still watching Pied Piper’s every move.  


This show is so easy to watch and you can find yourself sitting through 3-4 episodes after promising it was going to be an early night.  


Walking Dead Season 7 finale – 3 AprilTWD_708_0016.jpg


It’s been set up nicely and all things point to an all-out war between the Saviors and pretty much everyone else. Rick has The Kingdom and Hilltop both lending a much needed hand, but who else will be able to offer assistance in the fight against the bat wielding maniac that is Neegan?



Will Lucille strike again? Or is this goodbye to the barbed wired mistress and its evil owner?