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Re: Changing the entertainment Kids package

I personally think it is better as I am guessing alot of us dont have children so why would we want those channels? On the other hand, I do see why parents don't want them gone as entertainment has something for all the family that way.


I have a guilty pleasure for Spongebob Squarepants so I will miss him. Can we keep just him? 😉



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Re: Changing the entertainment Kids package

@nickmorc wrote:

How come, some people are getting an email saying they can have a 4 months free kids pass and other have not ( I am on a 5 month pass and not received anything )


Now whislt we dont use the current kids channels, we are are having the family over for the summer holidays with their kiddy winks and I would have used the kids channels then.


Does seem a bit unfair if you have purchased a pass for several months that advertise the channels then they are taken away.


I have been a long time supporter of Now Tv and this is the first time that I have thought, something is a little bit naughty here.

yep! ... I've received nothing either! 😔



Re: Changing the entertainment Kids package

there is already a better thread than mine open on this subject



Lets continue this discussion over there.



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