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Buying NowTV pass abroad

I am on holiday in France and want to buy a Sky Sports day pass, but the option doesn't seem available. I last bought a pass in the UK where I live just over 30 days ago. Is there any way I can watch Sky Sports here in France? Keen to watch the cricket. Thanks.

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


According to this nowtv linked article below, you need to buy the pass whilst in the UK if you want to watch it whilst on holidays in the EU. 


Maybe has a workaround to the above rule, if you have a family member in the UK that you fully trust, where they can log into your account on the nowtv website and buy the one day sports pass on your behalf.


Or perhaps try a VPN set to UK, though i believe nowtv can sniff out and block certain VPN services.


I can't guarantee that the two above workarounds will work because i have never tried it myself.


Maybe somebody else on the forum can suggest a way that works to overcome the nowtv rule ?