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Blurred picture on all live channels


I have e been experiencing blurred picture on all (sports, movies and entertainment) channels. This has been happening for about 2 months. 

ThHELPe online chat help just tell me the stick is faulty even though this has been happening on a nowtv box so bought a stick and still is blurry. 

Spent hours on the online chat doing factory reset, software updates etc. Internet is fine and fast. 

AntoAn else experiencing this?

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Sadly I’ve been experiencing the same. Playback is fine. It’s only on live tv that we have the problem. But when paying for subscriptions, it’s bloody annoying. Done all resets, hard resets and broadband tests. From my side, we are fine. But something has changed ok NowTV live. This problem is recent. Countless complaints on web. What the hell nowtv. Fix this. I’m paying money out but not able to view. 

Scholar 3

Who are your internet providers as the issue may be internet/modem related?  I'm with Virgin and no current issues here.  On the rare occasions i have experienced a blurry picture, restarting the modem has corrected this

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Same here, reset the box & it’s ok for a while then blurry again. Happens on all live channels, movies, entertainment & sports. On demand content is fine. I’ve got Vodafone broadband.

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I have had exactly the same problems in the Glasgow area.  Done all the updating, rebooting, resetting router etc without success.  The screen simply says there is a problem and they're onto it!  I have now been without any access to Now TV since yesterday afternoon (a whole 19 hours) so I am missing the golf and am not happy.

I reconnected an old Amazon Firestick which is working perfectly so there is no problem with my broadband etc.

This is a new Now TV stick bought on 4 October so it is going back to Argos for a refund - Now TV appears to be a complete waste of time and money.