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Apple TV 4 app

The now tv app on my Apple TV 4 is not updating with the recently added movies so latest is aquaman from 2 weeks ago. I have tried resetting Apple TV and deleting reinstalling app but no change any help would be great thanks

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Same here, went to watch The Predator and it’s missing from Apple TV app but fine on phone app

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Hi @Anonymous User @cagey 


Same here for me on my ATV generation 3 box, where The Predator (2018) movie is not shown under the Recently Added section, but has a workaround until NowTV can sort it out you can find & play this movie by typing The Predator in the NowTV App search section of your Apple TV box.


Works for me on my ATV 3 box 😀

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Sorry i missed read your post and thought you was looking for The Predator movie ☺.


Looking at the Recently Added section of the NowTV App on my Apple TV 3 box which i don't use very often these days.


There seems to be only two movies included from this weeks premier films list in the Recently Added section which are :-


Chasing Built

Hands of Stone


Films missing from this weeks premier list inside the Recently Added folder are :-


The Front Runner

The Predator

Humour Me


Killer Weekend

Peter Pan The Quest for the Never Book

Holmes & Watson


You could has a temporary workaround if you wish until somebody from NowTV sorts it out by going to the search engine of the NowTV App on the ATV box to find & watch these movies if you wish.


All the above listed missing movies from this week i could find & watch via the NowTV App search feature. 


These are the movies coming up in September (taken from a third party website) just in case NowTV are slow in getting this resolved and you fancy watching any of these films.



1st September
The Vanishing

2nd September
Benchwarmers 2: Breaking Balls

3rd September

4th September

5th September

Darkness Visible

6th September
Holmes & Watson

7th September
Peter Pan: The Quest for the Never Book

8th September
Hands of Stone

9th September
Killer Weekend

10th September

11th September
Humor Me

12th September
Chasing Bullitt

13th September

The Predator

14th September
The Frontrunner

15th September
Welcome to Marwen

16th September
Riot Girls

17th September

18th September

19th September

20th September

Bohemian  Rhapsody

21st September

22nd September

23rd September
Grand-Daddy Day Care

24th September
All About Nina

25th September
Lords of Anarchy

26th September
The Night Sitter

27th September

Hotel Mumbai

28th September
A Dog’s Way Home

20th September
Hot Summer Nights

30th September
Make or Break


Hopefully the above suggestion won't be necessary and NowTV will get it fixed ASAP.



Thanks! At least I’m not going mad. Found the predator film in the search as you suggested. Maybe one of these days Now TV will sort out the horrible Apple TV app...though I won’t hold my breath

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Thanks for the reply and help, hopefully they can get the APP updated as
the reason I bought an Apple TV was because it supports now tv Netflix and