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App Not Working On iPad - Crashes When I Click On Movies & Entertainment

Now TV isn't working properly on my iPad. Works fine on my iPhone, my TV, and my wife's iPad. 


When I load the app, it brings up lots of options (the boxes) for sports. (Sky Sports Tonight, Premier League World etc etc) The thing is, I don't have the sports package. 


Whenever I click on "Movies" or "Entertainment", the app dies. When I click on "My TV", I can see my Watchlist and the films on my "Continue Watching" list, but nothing happens when I click on them. 


I deleted the app and re-installed it. No change. 


I have an older iPad (third generation, maybe). Version 9.3.6. Moderl MD371B/A. Now TV has always worked fine, until a couple of days ago. 


Anyone know what has happened?



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