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3 month entertainment pass


ive recently got my ee box and everyhting included and i was ment to get a 3 month now tv pass and i havent yet recieved it i have been with ee for just over a month now and i keep ringing them up to find out whats happening and everytime i ring up i get told how to apply for it and i have applied for it about 3 times now and now i get told to contact yourselfs i would like to recieve my 3 month now tv pass as i have had to sign up and pay for it but i shouldn't have to pay as i should get 3 months free and i havent 

many thanks 

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@Anonymous User EE should have provided you with a code either starting NOW or AANOW. If you've not been given this code you need to chase EE.


@Anonymous User You've checked your spam folder, right? I assume that's the way the codes are being sent.

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Hiya yes I have checked my spam and junk folder and I have not received a
code for my now TV I have also chased ee about it and they said I have to
get intouch with yourself I am not really happy about it as its been over a
month I have been chasing it all up
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Without the code from EE, NOW TV can't confirm you are eligible. Anyone could come on these forums and claim they are entitled otherwise.