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offered 4 months half price before I applied vouchers

I've decided to ditch BTTV and got a couple of Now TV sticks, unfortunaly when I selected the free trial it charged me ( there was a warning) because I had a cinema trial before I guess. 

It's now offered me 4 months entertainment at less than half price however I still have 2x2 month vouchers which it wont let me enter. I'm assuming these will still work in 5 months time ?

The interface on the Now TV stick is so much better than the BT box by the way. BT seem to drive you around in circles hoping that you'll get frustrated and pay for the BT Store stuff I think ! Also the Now TV streaming quality and content is far better than I thought it would be, really pleased.

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Hi @Anonymous User

Jump over to live chat and ask them by giving them the voucher code ref numbers if they can check the expiry dates of when you can apply the two voucher codes to your account.

Use this link below for live chat, click on the grey drop down arrow below Anything else to reveal the live chat button.

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OK thanks I might do that, presumably they've got a master database with every code ever issued and can see if/when it was activated etc. I got one from Amazon prime day and then I saw them in Tesco for £15 too, not often you get a bargain in Tesco these days 🙂

Do you know if you can sell the sky store vouchers on eBay ( got 2x £5.49) or are they locked to the device ? I don't normally by PPV films etc, only subscriptions.