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House of the Dragon Fan Discussion *CONTAINS SPOILERS*

    So GoT fans, we now have a whole new chapter in the history of the Seven Kingdoms to enjoy, those tyrannical Targaryens get their own prequel show House of the Dragon. And we all like a good dragon or two right? If anyone wants to discuss what'...

Andy by Legend 5
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Recommend a TV show on Now TV

If there is a TV show on Now TV which you feel is worth recommending to other users, please post a reply in this thread.  Or subscribe if you would like to see what users are recommending. 

DarylM by Legend 5
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Chicago Fire et al

I wish Sky would buy the rights for all the Chicago shows so they can be shown in the proper order.  With the amount of crossovers between Fire, PD and Med it would be a lot better for one UK broadcaster to show them as NBC does in the States.  Imagi...

Grey’s anatomy season 15

HiI am wondering when it will star again. I saw the last episode before Christmas and it still blocked at the  same one. I also would like to know when season 5 of black list and the affair will be both available. Than, I missed the 2th season of Tin...

SMILF season 2

SMILF season 2 premiered on showtime in the US (2 episodes are already available). usually these shows come to now tv the next day or in a couple of days. when can we expect it? thanks

tothbros by Scholar 2
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I tried downloading the app for my iPhone however it’s only giving the option for Ireland? I’m in the UK 

The resident tv shows

Hi i have a entertainment passes which sky atlantic is included on that package but I’m trying to watch the series call (the resident) but I cant find it there?The resident is play on Sky anyone available to help what I have to do? how ca...