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House of the Dragon Fan Discussion *CONTAINS SPOILERS*

    So GoT fans, we now have a whole new chapter in the history of the Seven Kingdoms to enjoy, those tyrannical Targaryens get their own prequel show House of the Dragon. And we all like a good dragon or two right? If anyone wants to discuss what'...

Andy by Legend 5
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Recommend a TV show on Now TV

If there is a TV show on Now TV which you feel is worth recommending to other users, please post a reply in this thread.  Or subscribe if you would like to see what users are recommending. 

DarylM by Legend 5
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More like This ?

When I add something to My Tv list there is another option above it (More like This) if I highlight it and press ok all I get is a blank screen with a message in the middle saying (Unknown Page Error something’s not right give it a moment or check th...

hard reset

I did a hard reset on my box as i havent been able to watch it due to buffering issues.However the issue i have now is i have to set up account again and can do it as it kerps logging me into my account butvmy tv says i need to enter a code help

iPhone app not working

Since last night my now tv app won’t let me watch The Only Way Is Essex. When I search it and it comes up there are no episodes just the name and a white blank screen and when I click on add to my tv it comes up with a long number and says it’s alrea...

Resolved! Now Tv Smart Box with 4K

So I seen advertised a Now Tv Smart Box with 4K ? How can this be the case when Now Tv only streams at 720p ? Or is this a subtle hint that 4K streaming is coming in the future ? I don’t want to go and buy one of these boxes only to find out it was a...

Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Episode 16??

Is episode 16 of GA on Now TV? It seems to have stopped at 15, yet I can see that episodes 16-18 have aired in the USA, with the rest of the season scheduled to air. Are they scheduled to be aired on Now TV from a certain date? Thanks in advance. 

6month entertainment pass not working.

Paid for a 6month entertainment stack but won’t load both the reference number and order doesn’t work when trying to upload through the apply voucher option. Payment is showing in my account settings but still can’t workout how to link it up so I can...

Patchy sound

Anyone else getting patchy sound while while watching entertainment box sets? Happened several times on walking dead, rewinding doesn't help 

720p or 1080p

I’m viewing NowTv on my LG Smart Tv quality is ok looks like 720p I have read reviews that state the NowTv stick is 1080p will 1080p be available through the app on my LG Tv anytime soon. ? cheers