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House of the Dragon Fan Discussion *CONTAINS SPOILERS*

    So GoT fans, we now have a whole new chapter in the history of the Seven Kingdoms to enjoy, those tyrannical Targaryens get their own prequel show House of the Dragon. And we all like a good dragon or two right? If anyone wants to discuss what'...

Andy by Legend 5
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Recommend a TV show on Now TV

If there is a TV show on Now TV which you feel is worth recommending to other users, please post a reply in this thread.  Or subscribe if you would like to see what users are recommending. 

DarylM by Legend 5
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My 'special' offers

I'm being offered a six month Entertainment Pass for £6.99 a month. Well, I don't see how this is a special offer when I could buy a three month pass in the shops priced £15 I.e £5 a month. I don't feel special I feel conned.


Hello folks,Would anyone know why season 9 of gold rush is not available to watch? Its just missing here. Season 10 is there but I'd like to see season 9 first. 

Invalid Entertainment Vouchers

Hi, I purchased 3 month Entertainment passes from CDKeys. I received 3 codes to be used each month. NOW TV only allow 1 code to be used at a time. Now my remaining 2 codes are saying no longer valid - has anyone else have this happen to them?

Entertainment pass not recognised

Hi. Now tv is not recognising my entertainment pass on any device (tv, phone, iPad). I’ve had the pass a few years, haven’t changed any payment details or anything for ages and in my account it shows my pass is still active. I’ve tried signing in aga...

Resolved! Oops something went wrong -SOLVED CAME ON???

Oops something went wrong Unable to complete purchase on this device, please go to to choose a product or offer. But im paid up till next month??? I can watch all the other Entertainment programmes -  I cant continue watching "Ozzy and Jack...

Resolved! Das Boot Series 2

Hi, first time posting here so not sure I've put this in the correct "board". I was wondering if series 2 of Das Boot will be available on NowTV from tomorrow? It's premiering on Sky Atlantic in the early hours of tomorrow morning (9th June). Or is i...

Original series

I think sky have made a mistake with some of their original programming.even though a lot of it is good, they split across channels one and Atlantic  They should move them all to sky one as Atlantic should just be for the American shows  why do they ...

Classic cartoons

Hi guys.  Been a member of now TV for the past few years , we recently added the kids package for our little boy. From what I can see cartoons in my opinion aren't what they used to be. I can remember classics such as dragon ball z, Digimon, courage ...