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Walking dead... Seasons 4 onwards

I appreciate that I'm a bit late to the party when it comes to TWD... But I've spent the last couple of weeks binge watching it, absolutely hooked... Up to season 4, about halfway through AND ALL SEASONS HAVE NOW DISAPPEARED! how can I find out if they'll be put back into now TV? Seriously... I can feel the panic setting in... I need to know! 😂

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Re: Walking dead... Seasons 4 onwards

Hi @Laurantj 


The Walking Dead S1 to S9 left the NowTV service yesterday 😠.


Usually next to each episode thumbnail and under your My TV Continue Watching list there is an orange leaving date when closer to the expiry date and when in the last month there will be a countdown day timer.


Looking at previous years gone by, my best guess would be that TWD boxsets will not return until around February when the second half of Season 10 returns after the mid season break (though this is just speculation on my part and might be totally off the mark with the date).


Perhaps a NowTV Staff Member can confirm if they have any fixed return date of TWD ?


If you are a Amazon Prime Member then S1 to S9 is currently available on prime.