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Sky Replay (Sky 2)

Will Sky Replay (formally Sky2) be added to the entertainment pass. Youd think it would if you get Sky 1, Sky Witness, Sky Atlantic etc.... would be good to see this channel added

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This channel is the one I watch the most, just changed from TalkTalk entertainment to nowtv entertainment pass, I am not ###### happy!

lost sky replay, it should be included, what a waste of time and money that was, I’m moving tv company now!

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@Anonymous User @Shanedean 


The reason Sky replay is not included in entertainment pass I imagine is that there is no content on Sky replay that isn't available on catchup/boxsets it might be added not that it is no longer called Sky 2.  



That isn't actually correct. I want to watch Obese: A Year to Save my Life but it's not on NowTV at all. I know that it used to be. It's currently on Sky Replay but nowhere to be found on NowTV. 


Same, my other half wanted to watch four weddings on it. Myself with crystal maze. 


Seems a bit odd it's not included. Even if it were just on demand content would be something.