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Sky Comedy Channel on Now TV

Just thought I'd highlight this article from TV Wise, regarding a new Sky Comedy channel for 2020 that will be available on Now TV:

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Checked the listings on Digiguide last week and to say I am underwhelmed would be generous. Same old rubbish that's all too plentiful already on FTA channels, different programmes but same repetitive content. Can't see it performing well. When Sky first announced this they had us believe it was going to be something interesting. Think again Sky 😂

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Additional channels are always good to have. Personally I like Now for box sets. It is much cheaper for my bedroom TV than a full second Virgin box. Movies are also cheaper than adding to my Virgin package.
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With the launch of Sky Crime, the about section on the entertainment pass has not been updated to show the channel as part of the pass lineup.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Thanks Gavs, 


We'll take a look and see what we can do. 




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I mainly only use the entertainment pass for comedy, but i can't see this appealing to me much. I just cancelled my pass for now as i rarely watch anything anymore, but i will get it back later in the year to have a nosey. I mostly watch Gold, really not into American comedy at all. I like Fresh Off the Boat, that's about it. I hope there's a new series of Sick of It coming soon, i haven't checked but i presume there is.


I watch most things with Romesh, even though they're often a bit ropey. The Reluctant Landlord is pretty average, but i loved the Rob and Romesh thing, can't remember what it's called. They work great as a team, much better than Joel & Nish who i find too silly. Same goes for League of Their Own. I'd have probably loved that as a kid, but as a grumpy old duffer i can't be doing with it. Anybody know if there's a new series of Rob & Romesh (or is it Romesh & Rob??) coming? I thought the NFL one was hilarious. 


I hope there's a new series of that retro thing with Bill Bailey (again can't remember the title), i really enjoyed that but i seem to recall it wasn't very popular so probably i'll be disappointed on that?

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Coming on 27 January?


Where is the sky comedy channel? Can't see it anywhere.  There is only a comedy central channel.

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Hi @Deggsy12222 


Should be the 27th of this month on the same day it also goes live on the Sky Satellite service 😀.

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Thanks for the heads up.!