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Sharp Objects Box Set leave date confusion ...

If I look the Sharp Objects page on without being logged in it says streaming until October 2019. If I log-in and look at the individual episodes it says leaving in 18 days except for episode 2 which is leaving in October 2019.


So is it leaving completely in 18 days or is it staying until October 2019? A definitive answer on this would be appreciated.

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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: Sharp Objects Box Set leave date confusion ...



Please can you confirm accordingly, where this TV show states leaving in 18 days on all my devices and like @dazzle750 has pointed out that this nowtv webpage (see screen shot below ) clearly states leaving on the 28th of October 2019 ?


Or will S1 of Sharp Objects return immediately straight after the 18 days remaining period and be available to watch until the 28th of October ?




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Re: Sharp Objects Box Set leave date confusion ...

I am also very.disapointed that sharp objects is gone as o o my seen 3 episodes and yet many other programs are still on and much older. Is it coming back to know TV?


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