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Re: Recommend a TV show on Now TV

Hi @ukbobboy 


Fair enough if you think that Sublime is not a word that is fit or appropriate for this TV show.


Where in my opinion, this TV show was outstanding and i will stand by my comments and recommendation.


Sounds like you are finding this TV show a little disturbing or unsettling for your viewing tastes and maybe it's time to knock it on the head at episode 6 ?


Anyway i am looking for a few new TV shows to watch whilst waiting for the final season of Silicon Valley which hopefully will be coming to NowTV latter in the year.


Any Recommendations Bob ?

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Re: Recommend a TV show on Now TV



Well Schnapps


I wasn't saying you shouldn't recommend it, it is a good show and I did manage to finish it this morning, but potential viewers should be aware that it's primary content is mainly of what could happen to a young and naive person on a night out.


And the thought that smacked me around the head is, how many young guys, including myself when I was that age, has gone out on to a party on a Friday or Saturday night? 


(Trying not to reveal any spoilers)


At the moment, the shows I enjoy watching regularly are, everything works out in the end, US shows such as  S.W.A.T and For The People.


I've just started to watch The Tunnel.


I plan to start watching LA's Finest tonight.


I've just started to watch The Tunnel.


I also plan to continue watching the new seasons of  9-1-1, Orville, Bull, Ballers, Warrior, when they are next on.


However, the shows that I would recommend are: Warrior, Orville and 9-1-1.


Still, for people who want to watch something more serious, with the "There but for the grace of God, go I" vibe, then I too would recommend "The Night Of".



UK Bob





Re: Recommend a TV show on Now TV

is greys anatomy new season going to show its on in USA I cant wait to watch it.  I enjoy Heartland too. 


I am 68 disabled widow so i have an eclectic taste in music and t.v. shows. (love heavy rock not so much pop). I like action old comedy, medical shows, and now for some reasons into cop shows never was before.  I dont like zombies or horror lol. 


I used to love the old comedy and found a xmas special on the good life. I am sure i am missing stuff but when i search stuff do i have to search the name of the show or where it is showing on sky?

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Re: Recommend a TV show on Now TV



Looks like there is a lot of uncertainty about where and/or when Greys Anatomy might show up in the UK with it's latest season, but it does seem like Sky might be having bother this year getting their hands on it?????  I think on another Thread on this Forum someone gave you a link to the Geektown website......that's always a good source of news on such things, so keep an eye out there for any GA updates.


I tend not to use the Search function that often, but I think you search for the Show name rather than anything else??  Although, when I have a spare few moments I do like to just browse through the Now TV programme menus and come across something by surprise that I never even knew about.


If you like the older comedy things, check out the menu for Gold......... should be a good selection of older shows on there??