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Ray Donovan

Amazing performances by a stellar cast. This is appointment TV


Legend 5
Legend 5

Ray Donovan "The Movie" is scheduled sometime in January 2022 (exact date TBC) on Sky / NOW.


Where it is airing on Showtime in the USA on the 14th of January.


Looking forward to this 😀.


If it was like Deadwood "The Movie" it might be on Sky Atlantic with an Entertainment Membership rather than a Cinema Membership.


I asked Now and they said they were unable to confirm If this will be available, if it's classed as new Showtime programming with being a movie Sky won't have the rights to it as of this year.


There no sign of it or even repeats of the last season up to 21st of January.

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Martin_14 


Geektown and a number of websites have mentioned Ray Donovan The Movie is coming to Sky Atlantic during January 2022.


Since my post here i have asked the question directly to the NOW Content Team and at the moment there is nothing showing on their spreadsheet 😠.


So maybe this movie is not coming to NOW via Sky Atlantic (though i am keeping my fingers crossed).