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REALLY annoyed at Sky/NowTV over Arrow Series 8/Crisis

OK, so I've been a good boy, signed up for NowTV at the start of the CoronaCrisis, expecting to be able to see the full lot of Crisis on Inifinite Earths on it, watched the fist episode (Supergirl) and found Episode 2 would be Batwoman.. OK, fine, when's that on.. Oh, its not on NowTV but on E4, well, thought I, that's OK I can wait, plenty else decent to see in the interim...


SO I waits, and waits.. and waits.. FINALLY Batwoman (underwhelmingly) appears on E4, meh... (and not sure why!?).. But I sit though 8 eps until the Crisis Ep was meant to air last night... huh... Whassat.? Where'd it go..? Quick check...No I'm not going loopy, its just not there.... Not airing until the end of the run...Oh.. OK... ?!!??


So I do a naughty and acquire it, watch it and Ep 3 (FLASH) of Infi Earths, last night.. Tonight I decide to watch the Arrow ep.. ... .. ... ... . WHA? I'm sure it was here a week ago... WHO'S STOLEN ARROW SERIES 8?!>!??!??!???


No seriously where has Arrow Series 8 gone from NowTV? ALL OF IT... !!!


NOT A HAPPY BUNNY!!! I was looking forward to a few nights binge watching the whole rest of the Arrowverse current series...


AND my Virgin TiVo now won't let me watch my recorded episoded 'cos I'm not a subscriber to SKy 2 anymore (not that I bothered recording Arrow since I got NowTV - just that's what Tivo does...)..


C'mon NowTV - give me back my Arrow!!!

Legend 5
Legend 5

@Anonymous User You asked where Arrow went. Each episode only stayed on catchup for 30 days after it aired. It’s now been more than 30 days since the final episode aired, so it’s now gone. With luck, it’ll be back as a box set some time in the future. Or, if you can’t wait, the DVD of the final season has been available to buy for over a month now. Oh, and the dvd of the crisis event was released on Monday, so you could have got it legally.

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The rest of the DC series are all still up, at least until July (well over
30 days after broadcast) so I can't see how this makes much sense. Rf


@Anonymous User  @Mark_Weinreb 


Argon, brho


You are "well" late to the game, check out this thread:


We have known about the Crisis... screw up for some time, and I personally took steps sometime back to mitigate the Sky/Now TV mess and insure my enjoyment of Crisis..., i.e. the way it was meant to be seen (also in the Crisis... thread).


So where have you been, brho, where have you been?