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Pass Price Difference ?

Quick question why is there such a varied difference when buying passes for Now Tv ?


Entertainment Pass 

Store bought £10 for 2 months - Now Tv £7.99 1 month

Sports Pass 

Store bought £10 for 1 week - Now Tv £14.99

                           £25 for 1 month - Now Tv £33.99 (I know there is an offer for £20 per month if you take 3 months at the moment.

Movie Pass

Store bought £15 for 2 months - Now Tv £11.99 for 1 month



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Legend 5

@Anonymous User Stores frequently sell what they call “loss leaders”. These are items sold at a loss in order to get customers through the door in the hope that the customers will come back and spend more money there. So, they might sell NowTV passes cheaply in the hope that you might, possibly, buy your next tv from them. 


@Anonymous User  @Mark_Weinreb 




It's more likely that retail stores can buy Now TV passes at bulk discount and wholesale prices and then pass on some of that discount to it's customers, i.e. you and me.


That way Now TV gets a good chunk of money upfront, to keep itself running smoothly, and you and I buy passes at a smallish discount, that way everybody wins.



UK Bob



UK Bob