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Now TV losing far too many shows

Since I started my NOW TV subscription a few  years ago most of the shows my family watch have moved to other  channels, mainly Discovery+ & Disney+ and now Paramount+. Yet my subscription price has not changed and as of last year we even had to start paying a further £5 a month as I have logins on the player on my laptop and a second Roku box in the house, this is even though we only watch it on one place at a time.


Does anyone else think this is all getting a bit much, we only have the entertainment package and are already paying over £15 a month then there's is the TV licence, Netflix etc

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Hit the cancel button and you’ll be provided with discounts. Which is why I’m paying £5 for my entertainment membership, wouldn’t be caught dead paying full price £9.99 for it.

It’s nothing to do with Sky losing out on the content you’re referring to. Just the big companies releasing their own streaming services and very rightly so taking back the content they own. 
Skys parent company is Comcast which owns Universal and NBC, so fully expect over the course of time both libraries to be added to Sky. 

Paying £5 for boost is NOT just to give you 3 streams instead of 1. It is key with removing third party adverts from on demand content. 
Also gives you 1080p picture quality and 5.1 surround sound on compatible devices. 

That being said for boost I’m only paying £2 a month. Plus cinema at £3.99, so in total I’m paying less than your £15. Just have to play the cancel game to get good discounted rates.


Also Sky until 2025 will still be the home to HBO and Warner Brothers films due to the deal back in 2019.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Unfortunately, there are so many streaming platforms and so many shows on different ones, it is unaffordable to have them all.  The loss of Disney and Fox movies from Now TV diminished Sky Cinema and only if I get an offer I can’t refuse do I take it up. 

At the normal prices it is far too much, but as @gavs82008 alluded to if you cancel you can get a better deal.  Currently I get entertainment for £4.99/month until end August and boost for £2/month until end June.  You don’t need Boost if you watch on different devices at different times. 

I tend to get Netflix one month at a time, so that’s only £5 every now and again and currently have Apple TV and Paramount on trials which I will cancel at trial end.  Don’t have Disney at the moment, but again only pay £6/month via O2 priority for a single month if there is someone on I want.  I keep Amazon as it’s more than movie/TV streams.