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Nat Geo being removed & Alibi added

According to an email from BT informing its customers about upcoming changes to the NOW TV Entertainment package:

"Alibi and NBC News NOW are being added but National Geographic is being removed.

Later this month, you’ll have access to two new channels as part of your NOW Entertainment add-on on BT TV. NBC News NOW, which features US-based news, will be made available to you on 21st June. This’ll be alongside Alibi, featuring mystery crime dramas, on 28th June.

NOW is removing National Geographic and National Geographic HD from its services on 28th June 2022. This means that this channel will no longer be part of your NOW Entertainment add-on on BT TV."

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Expert 2

This was posted previously but the mods decided to delete it instead of actually acknowledging the truth of what is happening in less then two weeks which is a joke. 

Scholar 3


Scholar 3


That great news I miss that Channel  cart wait till it come too now .


From time to time we might make changes to any membership service. We'll try not to make changes without notifying you in advance, and we won't make changes that materially disadvantage you during a usage month which you've already paid for (unless it's for reasons beyond our control).
We'll give you notice of changes which are likely to affect you during future usage months – we'll aim to notify you at least 30 days before the start of the affected usage month, so you'll have enough time to stop your membership subscription before the change takes place.
If you don't stop your monthly membership subscription after we've notified you and before the change takes place, and you continue to use the service, we'll take that as your acceptance of the amended service.

Expert 2

Has anyone actually received a email from Now directly about this I know I haven’t. 


As a NowTV Entertainment Pass subscriber, with NG one of the main reasons for this, very annoyed that no notification of this has been given, and I have had to discover the information by accident. Plenty of other sources for US news, and much of the Alibi material is recycled BBC material, of which we have seen what we want already, so of little value as compensation.


Legend 5
Legend 5


It was only a matter of time. Discovery did the exact same thing when Discovery+ launched, took about 10 months until the Discovery channel was removed. 

To keep watching National Geographic you just need a Disney+ subscription which is cheaper than the full price entertainment membership with NOW.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help