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Modern Family sped up

Hi guys,


I’m watching Modern Family on NowTV and I noticed that it’s quite irritating having just switched from Netflix to watch seasons 9-11. The playback is sped up on NowTV. It’s quite annoying to watch, the voices are a bit chipmunkish and it ruins the comedic timing at times. Could something be done about this? After a little bit of Googling it seems this is a regular issue with shows on NowTV. Another reason why NowTV is not up there with the rest of the competition!

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Re: Modern Family sped up


Not watched the show on either Netflix nor Now TV.

As a suggestion have you tried it on any other devices?

What I do know is Modern Family will turn up on Disney+ when they launch “Star” on the 23rd February. So maybe worth holding off until then?


If you want to see what Now TV staff can do to try resolve it you have 2 options, head onto Live chat

Just make sure to click “chat online” within the green box 


Alternatively send an email to the address in the picture below 


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Re: Modern Family sped up

@mdinos11 @gavs82008 nothing you can do about it I'm afraid. NowTV have been supplied with the original film recording at 24fps and are playing at the UK broadcast standard of 25fps.


Netflix will have been supplied with the US broadcast version (which has been converted from 24fps to 30fps by a process called 3:2 pull-down) and are playing at the UK broadcast standard of 25fps.


Neither are the original! This article explains it in more detail.