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Missing season

I started to watch station 19 and other programs from the first season I watched a couple of episodes then it disappeared only season 3 on there now its the same on other programs loads of season missing even though I added to my tv anyone know how or if I can get all the season back on all my programs please thanks 

Elite 3

You won't get access to them until now TV make them available again. The likes of sky/nowtv negotiate to have distribution rights but they may be time limited. Nearly all content on now TV has 'available until' in bright orange next to box sets or episodes, so there is plenty of warning that things will disappear.


If you or a friend use Twitter, try tweeting now TV to find out when they plan to make it available again.


Alternatively, it's on Prime Video. If you don't have Amazon Prime, sign up for a 1 month free trial and binge watch.