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Legend 5
Legend 5

Laurel Canyon

Anybody watching this marvellous documentary, and can hardly wait for Part Two this coming Saturday?


In which case, the complete rot-up of the metadata is your friend.....


You will notice that it says two Seasons, three episodes; but of course it is one Season, two episodes. And you can see, below that, Latest, and two Season 1s.


Go down to Latest, or the first Season 1, and you can see episode 1 is released, but episode 2 is only ‘Coming Saturday’, and you can’t watch it now.


However, go down to the second instance of Season 1, and there, both episodes are shown as ‘Watch Now’. And I have started the second episode, and it works from here.


I have no idea whether episode 2 is supposed to be available or supposed to be embargoed, but if you want to see it before next Saturday, best dive in quick, before NowTV unscramble the metadata foul-up 😛

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