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Legend 5

House of the Dragon Fan Discussion *CONTAINS SPOILERS*



So GoT fans, we now have a whole new chapter in the history of the Seven Kingdoms to enjoy, those tyrannical Targaryens get their own prequel show House of the Dragon. And we all like a good dragon or two right? 🐉

If anyone wants to discuss what's going on in the show, what's shocked us, what's amused us, what theories we have over who's going to die first, here's the place to discuss it. 

Anyone entering here for the first time be aware this thread may well be FULL of SPOILERS for the show, so look away now if you haven't watched the show/latest episode yet. Otherwise, feel free to drop by and post your thoughts, ideas, theories. 

For further info on watching House of the Dragon on NOW, check out these useful help pages and threads! Dracarys! 🔥

And don't forget to watch the Sky Atlantic after show, 'Enter the House of the Dragon' with Sue Perkins, the first episode is available to watch now on the Entertainment Pass! 👍

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hey @Lindzi and anyone else who's watching. Sorry I've not been on for a while. I've been watching all the episodes as they come, and I'm in mixed minds so far. It's a very different show from GoT, feels much more like a GoT soap opera, full of in-fighting, back-stabbing, spying on the neighbours and one-up-manship which of course we had plenty of in GoT but it still feels very small, and I'm still waiting every episode for more dragons, more fighting and someone to root for. As it is, there's nobody I really connect to in the show, they're all so full of flaws that I'm not really caring what happens to any of them. My early prediction of Team Rhaenyra has quickly gone out of the window that's for sure! Let's see what the last few episodes bring! 


Elite 2


I have to agree, I only watched this week's episode last night. With game of thrones I was on it the minute it was there! 

You're right about them all being pretty unlikeable....nobody to get behind so there is no jeopardy. Just couldn't really care less. 

I will keep watching, hoping that it will get better, but there are hardly any dragons so they need to make the people more interesting 

Legend 5
Legend 5

@Lindzi yep let's see what happens. The casting was so perfect with GoT it's a hard act to follow. But we need a Joffrey (or a Carl!) in there, someone we love to hate! Had to smile naming one of the kids Joffrey tho, the 'real' Joffrey would be furious! 😄


Isn’t Daemon meant to be the one we love to hate? Though I would hate to see the picture in his attic, as he seems to age like Time Lord, while Viserys suffers the onset of encroaching old age.

But the new Rhaenyra isn’t as good as the old (younger!) one, and I can hardly tell her from Rhaenys (Eve Best).

And how come Ser Criston is still around, having killed Laenor’s catamite in the last episode? Or at least, I think that is what happened…

Plenty of dragons this last episode, though.

Was this the episode that people were complaining was as dark as the battle with the Night King in GoT? We found it quite watchable on our LG GX, though maybe somebody dialled the brightness up on the On Demand version?

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