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Elementary Box Set

We're really getting into the box set of Elementary and about half way through the seasons but won't get to watch all of the rest of the episodes in the few days it says this has left on air.


Is there any way we can find out when or even if it will come back onto NOW TV as we're really gripped but no way we're going to get through about another 40 episodes before it goes off. 😞

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Legend 5
Legend 5

Re: Elementary Box Set


This is purely down to Sky and when they can acquire the rights to the box-sets again. Personally I am waiting for Criminal Minds to come back to finish off the last couple of seasons before final season begins. 

The show will rejoin Now TV at some point, maybe before Christmas or at the start of the year. 


If you Amazon Prime, they have the first 5 seasons to watch as part of the Prime subscription.