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Disney Plus Now tv app ITunes subscription

I just signed up to Disney plus using some iTunes credit. Went to use the now tv Disney plus app and it’s saying I’m not subscribed? 

Maybe I’m being dumb but why can’t I watch it when I’ve paid for it through Apple? I didn’t even think to see if this was a problem as it’s still payment is it not? So I’ve just wasted money to only be able to watch it on my phone. Genuinely think this should be more publicised. 

Of course my Apple TV is also too old to get the app. 

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


I don't use iTunes or never tried the Disney + App, but see if anything in this link below points you in the right direction. 


If no other NowTV forum member comes up with any suggestions, then you will need to contact ITunes or Disney + Support for further assistance & help.

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By subbing for Disney+ via Apple Services (iTunes) you are an Apple customer, they are offering you the subscription, as a result access is only via Apple Devices. When you renew, if you choose to, renew via Disney+ directly and you'll get access across all devices including Apple ones.