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Re: Criminal minds??? Please come back

@schnapps  @ukbobboy @robert1997 

Hey guys, have found something very interesting re Hulu and that Disney do fully intend on launching it internationally!


Streaming service Hulu could be on its way to the UK after statements from Disney Chief Exec Bob Iger suggested international roll-out was being planned.

The subscription video-on-demand service has been around in the USA since 2007. At a presentation to discuss the company's latest earnings figures, Disney's Bob Iger confirmed that an international roll-out of Hulu was being planned for 2021, with the company first of all focusing on getting Disney+ rolled out around the world first.

Answering a question on the subject, Mr Iger said:

 "We feel that we need to concentrate on those [Disney+] launches, and the marketing and the creation of product for those, and then come in with Hulu, right after or soon after that." 

Disney also confirmed that 28.6 million people had signed up for Disney+ since its launch in November. It will arrive in the UK next month.

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Re: Criminal minds??? Please come back

@gavs82008  @schnapps @robert1997 


Hi Gavs


Thanks for that info, but it has created a bit of dilemma for me. 


You see, I'm likely to drop my occasional use of Netflix and go all in on Disney+ but I see no reason to subscribe to Hulu as well, I just don't see what it has to offer. 


However, since I already have Now TV, Amazon Prime, an unknown number of Roku channels, regularly watch YouTube, try daily to play a digital album or two, and so I'm on the way to entertainment overload.


(I've not mentioned my daily dose of favourite terrestrial TV programs, a room full of DVDs or my 200 + music CDs to choose from [plus the enjoyment I get from buying extra devices for and tinkering with my music system]).


Mind Blown.gif


Now that I've re-read what I've written, (Yeah) I guess I'm way past normal.



UK Bob