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worst streaming experience on the planet

This has got to be hands down the worst streaming service out there. i'v tried most. Management needs to get a grip here. The UX is appalling. The payment system is dysfunction and overpriced. I am talking specifically about cinema, entertainment and boost. Boost is a big mistake and it does not stop all ads in the same way other streaming services do. For an extra £6 you want a clear viewing experience. As a customer all this just breeds contempt. You don't have to look far to see others have complained along similar lines. Customer service is hopeless and clearly not given the support it needs. The streaming quality on an up to date smart tv with fast internet speeds is terribly inconsistent. with boost this is supposed to a definition experience. Nope. I experience a poor quality picture every time and I don't see this on other platforms. The UI and UX built into the navigation experience is poor too. I suggest they take a look at netflix for some tips on this. The blame falls smartly at the feet of management and i suggest they look hard at customer feedback, reiterate, learn from others and use more empathy driven product design thinking.

About the best thing now has going for it is the HBO agreement and it is undeserved of such a highly acclaimed company. 


Agree, the UI on a big screen is awful , adds are only stopped on the on demand streams - and then only the comercial adds as there is an annoying wait 30 seconds for a promo for a show you don't care about to play .


I hope you have only signed up to a 1 month offer and not a special deal for 6 months at £XX

 To find something to watch use a mobile phone to browse the content then either add it to your watch list or just search for it on the TV app .

 When you have watched all you want to see the cancel the subscriptions  they may offer you a deal only take it if you are happy with the price and they don't lock you in for any longer than 1 month .

 Never sign up via a third party ( ie BT/EE/talk talk) always via the main now tv site as cancelling can be a pain in the ###### if its via a third party

Beware of getting into a series as you may find there are 32 episodes across X number of seasons but they will remove them after so many days ie you will only  have 5 days to watch 20+episodes

The HBO UK  launch is still a good few years off .

 Unless you just want to dip in and out ( ie cancel and re-subscribe) ever so often you may be better off looking at Sky Stream , Sky is Nows parent and Now is just everything stripped back to the bone and beyond ( as you are finding out) the Customer support should be better on full fat sky as well

Champion 2


I get an excellent quality picture on all my devices, you may need to tweak your internet and/or TV settings.

Beyond that, no UI is perfect and to hold out Netflix as an example is risible in my humble opinion. As for value, I doubt I could get anything like the content I want at similar prices from other providers. Sorry, but I like NOW TV, trailers, warts and all. 



If you think Now is overpriced, pick any programme at random, look it up on JustWatch, and see what other suppliers charge for it.

I take it you have started the cancel process with Now, to get the retentions offer(s)?

Nobody need pay the full price for Now, as long as you get it direct from Now, and not via a third party.

I concur with @redchiz1 ; if you have a poor picture with Now, it’s not because Now is sending you one.

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it.
Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now.
That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.