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why does sky sports hd, not have the sky sports logo in top of screen?

Anyone have this issue?


I have sky sports HD and boost. But the actual channels themselves do not have the white Sky Sports HD logo in top corner of the screen? I have had sky sports before and it normally does appear. It's just showing the standard logo.


When I click the OK button the rate shows 7989 or there about, which I have read is 1080p, but the actual quality of picture shown does not reflect this as a pure HD picture. 


I have 100mb fibre so no issues there. 



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@Anonymous User 

What device are you using for NOW?


As you mentioned the stream rate that is indeed HD 1080p.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
Anonymous User
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Through Firestick and also Roku streaming stick, on two different TVs. 


Thanks for that.



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Hi @Anonymous User 


NOW doesn't show the HD logo  on the Sky Sports channels with Boost when watching the live stream.


The giveaway that you are using Boost with HD 1080p is the 7800 figure streaming quality when pressing the information button or up button on certain remotes.


Also it should say HD at the end of the Sky Sports channels on the NOW & Next TV Guide and when pressing pause on the pop up info screen bar on the television screen.


If you are seeing a blotchy picture or camouflage artefacts on Sky Sports then this is another matter discussed on other threads on the Community Forum 😡.

Anonymous User
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Ah, I see. Thanks for the info. The TV guide does say HD like, but it's just the quality of the live streams are not what I would call full HD, which is why I queried it.


I wonder why they don't show the logo, like normal sky do? Has anyone queried them on this?



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@Anonymous User Sky don't show the hd logo on any of their live services and haven't done for a while.


I have a number of sky business subscriptions and all the channels use the same logos that are shown on Now.


I can't find an article about the UK channel logo but here's one from Germany when the same changes went through