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got Now TV boost but no HD content



First post. Does Now TV support look at these posts? 


I purchased a boost pass to go go alongside my movies pass but i can;t find any HD movies. All the ones i select to watch just have an 'S' next to the title.


I've tried signing out and back in on the Apple TV app and have also installed the Xbox app and tried there. Same problem.


Could it be that my boost pass hasn't been activated yet? 





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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


The HD Boost Pass doesn't currently support either the Apple TV Boxes or Xbox Games Consoles 😠.


Have a read of this link article below. 

Anonymous User
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Thanks for the quick response. That’s made the decision to cancel a lot easier. 

Scholar 3

I never realised this until now, but why wouldn't they?  Not good for business in my opinion